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Why Pursue a Degree in Art?

  • The skills you have gained

    • Collaborative: You can function effectively within a group of creative-minded individuals.
    • Communication: You can make and support an argument. You can present your ideas descriptively and visually; in other words, communicate using a variety of methods and media.
    • Confidence: You recognize your abilities and are able to continue learning and adapting outside of the classroom environment.
    • Craft: You can utilize different materials to create images and objects.
    • Creative: You are prepared to function in and contribute to today‚Äôs world; you can visualize, invent, and realize images, objects, experiences, environments, situations, and simulations.
    • Critical: You can think for yourself, make educated decisions, problems-solve and troubleshoot; you can engage in critical discourse, both with yourself and with others; you understand and can apply the criteria for a strong composition.
    • Motivation: You have developed your self-motivation and can work independently; you have gained experience working to meet deadlines.
    • Knowledge: You have a sound understanding of the role of the artist throughout history; of the importance of the arts to culture and society; of the different theories, philosophies, and ideas surrounding the art-making process.
    • Portfolio: You have developed a comprehensive body of work which may be used for multiple purposes: to transfer to another degree awarding institution; to apply for work in a relative field; to apply for grants, scholarships, commissions and exhibits.
    • Presentation: You can present yourself and your work effectively.
    • Research: You know how to find information to help you achieve your goals.
    • Seeing: You have learned to see and understand the structure of things and beings. You are visually literate.
    • Specialization: You are on your way to becoming an expert in a particular art-making medium.
    • Technology: You have experience working with a range of different technologies, from charcoal to a variety of computer software applications.


    Art-related careers

    Without the creative spirit this world would be a very different place. Every man-made object has been designed by someone who completed a degree in art. Everything you see on TV, in the cinema, in the theatre, in stage shows, on your computer, in print, in your living room was designed by creative individuals with real-world art skills. There are no limits to what you can do or what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and are determined to succeed: an art degree can help you establish your place in the world and enable you to envisage the future.