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Graduation with Distinction


  • Alice Miller
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    Art majors may apply to Graduate with Distinction in the Visual Arts AS degree and Liberal Art–Art AA degree programs. Graduation With Distinction will be noted on students' transcripts, within the commencement program, and on a certificate of distinction. In addition, students will receive mention that they are Graduating with Distinction during the commencement ceremony.

    To graduate with distinction students must have met the following criteria:

    • Worked hard, in depth, and took risks in relation to new concepts, content, techniques, and processes.
    • Produced a strong thematic body of work that expresses a personal vision/voice.
    • Extended investigative work on projects over a period of time.
    • Displayed growth in the understanding of the visual language, issues, and concepts.
    • Developed competence in the manipulation of materials and media (craft).
    • Be able to discuss their own work and the work of others within the context of art discourse and visual literacy.
    • Developed a critical way of seeing, understanding, and interpreting space.
    • Understand the place and role of the artist in society and culture.
    • Developed a level of critical thinking that will enable them to continue to develop their ideas and work beyond the AS degree level.
    • Developed a level of independence and self-motivation to continue working outside of the academic environment.

    To Apply

    Students who wish to be considered for graduation with distinction must submit the following materials to the Art Department Chair at no later than 12pm on the second Monday in May:

    1. A portfolio of 20-25 images demonstrating the above criteria. Images should be 72 dpi and approximately 1024 x 768. The images should represent the student's strongest work with an emphasis on the student's area of concentration.
    2. Video and animation work should be presented in the form of Quicktime movies.
    3. A typed image list detailing the title, dimensions, and medium of each piece.
    4. A typed essay. The essay will demonstrate a student's ability to present and discuss his/her work to others in his/her absence. The essay should discuss the student’s:
      a. Interests, process, and the work itself (artist’s statement).
      b. Artists and ideas that have influenced your development during your time at GCC.
      c. A summary of what you have learned through completing an AS degree in art and why you believe you qualify for this award.

    The statement and image list must be printed and five copies provided along with the digital portfolio.


    The Dean of Enrollment Services will be notified of nominees by no later than the last Friday in May.

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