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  • Spring 2016

  • Groundless Wayfinding

    South Gallery

    An exhibit by artist Fafnir Adamites

    "Using feltmaking and other traditional craft processes, I create sculptural and installation work that serve as meditations on trauma, memory and the legacy of emotional turmoil inherited from past generations. The theory that anxieties and traumas are embedded in a person’s DNA and are then passed down to the next generation is a major motivation in my artwork. Using repetitious processes such as feltmaking allows me to physically engage with and meditate on the concepts I am working with. Material exploration is the starting point for all of my work and plays a key role in building the conceptual backing of each piece. There is a Sisyphean element to both the physical labor and the conceptual ideas. Retracing the path of ancestors, repeating personal patterns, physically tracing the words from a written text – acknowledging both my place as a maker within this context and the irresolvable nature of the concepts themselves."

    Jan. 27 - Feb. 23

  • Fafnir Adamites Gallery Talk

    South Gallery, 12 - 1pm

    All welcome.

    Wed. Feb. 3

  • Prey for Peace

    South Gallery

    An exhibit of work by artists Allyson Mellberg Taylor & Jeremy Seth Taylor

    Mar. 7 - Apr. 7

  • Tina Stevens Gallery Talk

    South Gallery, 12 - 1pm

    New Art adjunct faculty member Tina Stevens will be discussing issues in desgn and introducing students to our fall course offering Digital Design.

    Wed. Mar. 30

  • Fall Registration & Advising Day

    Appointments or drop-ins welcome. Please remember that you cannot register for the fall if you have registration holds. Plan to schedule an appointment with your advisor for registration on or after this date: Appointment sign-up sheets will be posted on your advisor's office door.

    Thurs. Apr. 7

  • Annual Art Student Exhibit

    South Gallery

    Opening: Thursday April 21, 7 - 9 PM

    Apr. 21 - May 12

  • New York City Trip

    Bus departs GCC at 7 AM and arrives in NYC around 11 AM

    Cost: $30 per person. Sign-up Deadline: Thurs. Oct. 2. Payment is due at the time of registration - all paperwork (available on the wall outside the Art Department faculty offices) must be completed beforehand. See Jen Simms to make your payments. Bus will depart NYC at 7 PM and arrive back at GCC around 11:30 PM

    Fri. Apr. 29

  • An Exhibition of Mail Art

    Opening Reception: June 14, 3pm – 7pm

    The traveling Tiny Book Show will be parked outside during the opening:

    "The Tiny Book Show is an artistic collaboration brought to you by Amy Tingle and Maya Stein of the NJ-based mobile creativity company, Food for the Soul Train. The two women will be transforming their 1965 Covered Wagon caravan into a museum of Lilliputian literary works, and stopping in select locations around the country to display their exhibit of tiny books made by artists and writers from around the world. Each of the books, created by amateur and professional book artists of all ages, will be no larger than 3 inches in dimension."

    June 14 – July 12