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Digital Media Certificate

  • The Digital Media Certificate is a 27-credit program offered through the Art Department. The program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in design principles and working with contemporary digital media. Students explore the visual, critical, and practical aspects of digital media as currently employed in the development of web sites, photography, video, and computer applications. Course work produced by students may contribute towards the creation of a digital art portfolio. Note: due to certain elective options only being offered once a year, the program may require three or four semesters to complete.

    Your Next Step: Seek internships or entry-level employment in a field related to this course of study; continue your education at GCC in the Art/Visual Arts associate degree program and continue to build a portfolio.

    Questions concerning the program can be addressed to the Art Department chair:

  • Studio Requirements (15 credits)

    ART 121 Visual Concepts I (3 cr.)
    ART 123 Visual Concepts II (3 cr.)
    ART 151 Photography Foundation (3 cr.)
    ART 155 Video Foundation (3 cr.)
    ART 161 Computer Arts Foundation (3 cr.)

    Studio Electives (12 credits)

    Choose four of the following courses:

    ART 173 Digital Design (3 cr.)
    ART 251 Intermediate Photography I (3 cr.)
    ART 252 Intermediate Photography II (3 cr.)
    ART 255 Intermediate Video (3 cr.)
    ART 256 Intermediate Video II (3 cr.)
    ART 261 Advanced Digital Processes (3 cr.)
    ART 263 Web Site Design (3 cr.)
    ART 268 3D Computer Graphics (3 cr.)
    ART 269 3D Animation (3 cr.)
    ART 273 Image and Text (3 cr.)
    ART 280 Creative Coding (3 cr.)

  • Course Sequences

    One Year Sequence
    Semester ART Courses
    Fall ART 121, ART 151, ART 155, ART 161
    Spring ART 123, ART 251, ART 255, ART 263, ART 280
    Two Year Sequence
    Semester ART Courses
    Fall ART 121 and select one: ART 151, ART 155, ART 161
    Spring ART 123, select one: ART 151, ART 155, ART 161; select one: ART 251, ART 255
    Fall Select one: ART 151, ART 155, ART 161, and select one: ART 173, ART 252, ART 256
    Spring ART 263, ART 280

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